Ardingly Summer Soccer School

Ardingly Summer Soccer School 

Monday 26th July , Tuesday 27th July, Wednesday 28th July

Ages - 5-12 years

Boys & Girls


9.30am-10am (Staggered Registration) & 3pm-3:30pm (Staggered De-registration)

Technical Sessions

Small Sided Games

Fun Norwich City FC related challenges

Coaches challenges

Signing in and Out Procedure:

Securely Checking Your Child In & Out

The process for drop off and collection will be:

  • A staff member will greet you at the entrance to register your child and remind you of the importance of your membership number that will be issued to you.
  • Parents must quote their membership number for collection of their child but will not be asked to sign anything. Staff will do that instead
  • Children over the age of 11 can sign themselves out if the parent registered their consent when booking.

Social Distancing Regulations:

  • Activities to be adapted to ensure distancing, including equipment use adaptions
  • Higher emphasis on being outdoor
  • Parents will not be allowed into the venue other than to a registration perimeter for contactless registration
  • Staggered breaks and lunchtimes will be used
  • Staggered Register and De-Register times will be used

Hygiene Levels

  • Parents encouraged to provide their children with personal hand-sanitiser
  • Staff expected to provide; and have with them at all times; personal hand-sanitiser
  • Staff and children to wash their hands, either with hand-sanitiser, or at wash-basins, each time they enter and exit the site
  • Hand washing policy that includes before and after each activity session, breaks, lunchtimes and after toilet breaks
  • Staff responsible for regular hygiene reminders
  • Where direct contact occurs; for example, tending to First Aid; staff to wear protective gloves and wash hands afterwards
  • Internal doors to be kept open where possible, especially for sports halls, toilets and changing rooms
  • Daily cleaning of equipment by our staff
  • Regular cleaning of high-touch facilities by staff (in addition to regular facility cleaning by venue)

Please see our terms and conditions via the following link